So, Jim is evil. EVIL I say. He got me hooked on emulators. Like, I’m all rolling with the Sega Genesis, and the Nintendo Entertainment System. I’m getting my Megaman & Megaman 2 on! I’m ripping shit up in Castlevania. I administered brutal beatdowns in Streets of Rage and Spiderman (before dying – man, it’s […]

In an e-mail I sent today: But on the plus side, I’m going to go buy a bed today (a Queen size – it’s only $30 more than the Queen!). that’s completely not what I meant to say.

Shoot me now. Twice, for good measure. Hopefully, I’ll have up and running in a week or two. I think it’ll be running on Slashcode (the same software slashdot uses. It will also have a dedicated server. Chances are good that I’ll also take the quoteWiki (a.k.a. qWiki) down as well. There’ll still be […]

Well. I’ve never had a website hacked before. Assuredly, will come back up, but nothing’s certain about Bastards.