I am tired. I’ve spent most of the day in the warehouse. We had to open the boxes on 70 detectors, install photocells, then pack them back up. We’re done with 46 of them, and we’re doing the other 24 on monday.

I went out to Panini’s with Monk and Steve yesterday. That was cool. We had a couple of beers and just chatted (about waitresses, computers, beer, etc). That was good and relaxing. I like good and relaxing. I followed monk home after that, and got my ass kicked in Marvel vs. Capcom and chatted with melinda about various topics including her o-so-sexy radio. Come to think of it, swigging from the bottle of vodka probably didn’t help my game playing skills.

Yeah. I’m moving in this weekend (in theory). Yay, says I.

My stomach’s been bothered the last couple of days, which is a tad annoying. Of course, drinking yesterday didn’t really help. And any drinking this weekend won’t really help either. *shrug*

So, Jim is evil. EVIL I say. He got me hooked on emulators. Like, I’m all rolling with the Sega Genesis, and the Nintendo Entertainment System. I’m getting my Megaman & Megaman 2 on! I’m ripping shit up in Castlevania. I administered brutal beatdowns in Streets of Rage and Spiderman (before dying – man, it’s been a while. I’m rusty). Even better, I went and downloaded Shining Force and showed the Runefaust baddies what a real armchair general can do.

Right. Anyway. Emulators: Good. car: good. Life: not bad. It’s looking less likely that I’ll be able to go see Concrete Blonde play, as I won’t even be able to pick up the moving van ’til 3, which doesn’t leave me much time to move my furniture even assuming I get everything else moved.

In an e-mail I sent today:

But on the plus side, I’m going to go buy a bed today
(a Queen size – it’s only $30 more than the Queen!).

that’s completely not what I meant to say.