Good Stuff

I’ve got an appropriate apple-related rant, which involves me yelling about data loss and the like – but I’m saving that for a special day (or, at least, a day that’s not this one). Anyway, today I thought I’d give you a list of software that rocks my socks! This list is pretty useless to […]


I’ve had a few to drink – so, I’m in a fairly charitable mood. Unfortunately, when in one of these “charitable” moods, I really don’t have any othe recourse but to miss people. Said people are coming to visit next week – that makes me happy. It’s actually the highlight of my semester. It’s sad […]

Salon Opinion Pieces and Aggravating “Journalism”

Salon recently published an opinion piece on recent happenings in the Pentagon Office of Special Plans (OSP). The author is a newly retired USAF lieutenant colonel, who worked in the OSP from May 2002 to February 2003 Salon is making the article free to viewers, because they “thought this story was just too important.” Indeed, […]