a new study from North Carolina State University says that superstreets are actually more efficient than traditional intersections. The researchers collected data from three superstreets in North Carolina that had traffic lights and looked at travel time for both right and left turns as well as passing straight through. They also examined collision data from […]

thingsorganizedneatly: from the opening title sequence of Stranger than Fiction. (see also: The Art of the Title Sequence) Stranger Than Fiction was such a fantastic movie; it only gets better after the intro.

But what about me? When did I turn into a human breaking-news outlet who has to keep up with the second-by-second details of a story and then add my own updates and analysis to the realtime mix? How can thousands of my fellow human news machines have served up 140 character analyses before law enforement […]

rentzsch: Alan Snyder: I wonder how many people who read this list use Time Machine and, of those, how many have ever checked to see if the Time Machine backup is a faithful copy of the original volume(s). … I can demonstrate one (perhaps pathological) case where Time Machine fails to back up a file. via @siracusa. Maybe I should go back to using rdiff-backup and my linux box for backups.

rentzsch.tumblr.com: Time Machine Failure

Finally, our team did confirm that the volume buttons and mute slider are indeed in a slightly different spot on the Verizon iPhone than on the AT&T version. Foresman reported that the volume buttons were moved “about 2mm or less” on the Verizon version so that they no longer line up with the AT&T iPhone. […]