gun control research

Eldan recently asked about reliable gun control statistics. I haven’t had the time to read these papers thoroughly, but I thought finding some research publications on the subject would be useful:


mostly sleepy

Quite often, I catch myself sitting and thinking, “I’m tired.”

This isn’t good, as I know I haven’t been working as hard as I should be. I know what kind of material I have to cover and by when.

In other areas, I think I’m actually doing pretty well. My research (such as it is) is still kind-of amorphous, but progressing. I’m on the verge (I hope) of having results.

My sysadmin job is also ambling along. At least, nothing’s horribly broken, and the users seem mostly happy.

I think that I never like spring. I mean, I do. It’s getting sunny out, and I’m opening the windows, and my gas bill will go down, and any number of things. Of course, it also means that people are leaving (or have left), and any number of projects need to come to completion.

I find myself teeming with ideas: for projects, stories, things-to-do, philosophies-of-life (just to, you know, name a few). I keep having to stop and say, “You don’t have time for that now.”

Soon, I will.