Unbeknownst to my loyal readers, I’ve recently been dividing my life into two epochs: B.Q. and A.Q.

I’ve passed through the time Before the Qualifier. I did a lot of studying, a lot of worrying, and lot of complaining. I may have recited the litany against fear, but only because I raced through the first 3 Dune books in my off minutes.

Now, I’m in the time After the Qualifier (hence, A.Q. funny, huh.). Looking back, I’m certain I did better than I did last year. I’m not willing to say, “I passed!” since that would just be jinxing myself. Now that it’s over, I’ve got a list of books the size of my head, a project or 3 wandering around my head, and a list of topics that bear writing about (even if they never see the light of day).

I’ve contacted Hollywood in case they wish to do a few major motion pictures based on my adventures. I’ve determined that BQ: The Department Kicks Ass and AQ: The Grad Student Strikes Back should both be directed by John Woo and Mel Brooks. Ideally, it would be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. They have yet to return my calls, however.

While I’m waiting for John,Mel, and Jerry to call me back, I can put the books away (the text books), and work on my thesis (as soon as I get somewhere, which is slow going). I’ve also got a stick to work on, some organizing to do, and a stack of (non-text… well. they’ve got text. but, they’re not text books) books to read.


what am I doing after I finish the Qualifier?

Some people might go to Disney world. Some people might get roaring drunk.

Some people aren’t me! (OK, well, I’m certainly the 2nd some people, but I’m other things to!)

What am I doing? I’m gonna donate blood!

After a less than pleasing experience with the red cross, I had resigned myself to never donating blood again.

Luckily, the irrepressible Dawnie (why “irrepressible?” I have no idea. I always thought it was a nice thing to say about someone and I was casting around for nice adjectives), I now know that I can give blood again! I’ve certainly spent less than 5 years in Europe over what’s essentially the course of my whole life.

Granted, I’ll drink, too. Just, you know, not in conjunction with the giving of blood!

Disney World? Well, maybe. But, having grown up 2 hours away from it loses it’s appeal.

Right. And now, back to your regularly scheduled program (which, in this case, is 0-1 integer programming).


good weekend, long week

I had an excellent weekend, but now I’ve a long week ahead of me. My qualifiers are in exactly 1 week.

Still, I had an excellent time at a wedding in Philadelphia. One of my oldest friends, Bryan, got married.

So, while I’d like to post many, many photos and give y’all a nice long entry, I’ll leave with a few pictures.

The bride and groom.

Crystal and I processing down the aisle.

Angela and I looking fabulous.

Bryan and I.