what am I doing after I finish the Qualifier?

Some people might go to Disney world. Some people might get roaring drunk.

Some people aren’t me! (OK, well, I’m certainly the 2nd some people, but I’m other things to!)

What am I doing? I’m gonna donate blood!

After a less than pleasing experience with the red cross, I had resigned myself to never donating blood again.

Luckily, the irrepressible Dawnie (why “irrepressible?” I have no idea. I always thought it was a nice thing to say about someone and I was casting around for nice adjectives), I now know that I can give blood again! I’ve certainly spent less than 5 years in Europe over what’s essentially the course of my whole life.

Granted, I’ll drink, too. Just, you know, not in conjunction with the giving of blood!

Disney World? Well, maybe. But, having grown up 2 hours away from it loses it’s appeal.

Right. And now, back to your regularly scheduled program (which, in this case, is 0-1 integer programming).


  1. the kat says:

    yay being allowed to give blood again! which blood drive are you hitting up? any on campus? i haven’t donated in a while and i should.

  2. audry says:

    Dear vinay:
    You win at life.
    Good luck with upcomming quals

  3. Charmed says:

    wow!! that’s a noble way to celebrate..darn neat!!!impressed!!!

  4. Erin says:

    So? How did it go? šŸ™‚

  5. Jim Eastman says:

    Hey, let me know when you go to donate blood next, that’s a habit I should get back in to.

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