Dave Winey

Courtesy of del.icio.us, Dave Winer whines about the open source software developed by Dean and Clark campaigns to run their online campaigns. Winer’s key quote: “How sad to see two leading Democrats fall for, even feed the lie that they can create user-oriented software for free.” I don’t know, but I think that (for one), […]


I just found “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Body Workout” on Apple iTunes. It’s basically an Arnold work out tape, where he exhorts you to “concentrate on that tricep,” “squeeze! crunch! crunch,” “and make your thighs burn!” to such classics as “Don’t Stop Believin’,” “867-5309,” “Let Your Body Rock,” and (my personal favorite) “It’s Raining Men.” Luckily, […]

400 meters

My todo list did get done. I had a duplicate on my whiteboard. Things got crossed off there. Incidentally, I think they all went well. Now, there’s new stuff on the list, but things aren’t so rushed. I’m still a little worried about 1 class – I did well on the final, but there’s still […]