eggnog? automobile? beverage!

I was in Heinen’s today doing some grocery shopping, when my eye was caught by a plain looking bottle of eggnog. I stopped to look at it, when a passing employee said, “That’s really good eggnog! If you ask me, it’s the Posrche of eggnogs! Though his statement didn’t include a hyperlink, I couldn’t help wondering what type of Porsche. This, I could deal with. Or maybe even these or (dare I say it) that! on the other hand, I’d be less impressed if it was an SUV. Anyway, here’s a link to the eggnog I bought that was a wee bit on the expensive side, and apparently very fast. Or.. Umm. quality. Or… something.

You’re probably wondering what the eggnog tastes like, aren’t you? Well… it’s certainly tasty eggnog. Probably more of a 911 than anything else. What, you ask, does that mean? I have no earthly idea. Let’s just say it’s damn tasty eggnog.

That just leaves one question: In ohio, is it pronounced “Wooster” or “Woostah?” One of my Ohioan readers might be able to tell me that. At least, I’m figuring that since I’ve been corrected on the pronunciation of places like Lebanon and… umm. Other places. Cleveland? No… that’s pretty easy to pronounce.

Right. So, I went grocery shopping (if you hadn’t guessed it already) and primarily bought beverages. Lots of beverages. Like, a shitload of juice, some tea, some gatorade. I had been through three different beverage aisles before I thought, “I should buy food, too!” This is all Becky’s fault, really: She’s always telling me, “when you’re sick you should be peeing every twenty minutes!” When we were undergrads, she’d check too:

me: I’m sick
becky: are you peeing every twenty minutes?
me: checks watch… more like 25, I think
becky: you’re not getting enough fluids!

OK, I’m pretty sure that’s a mild exaggeration, but it’s mostly true. So, now, I’m sick and thinking “I need fluids!” But, water gets boring after a while, right? So I spice it up with tea! and gatorade! and juice (it’s got vitamins! and minerals!)! And I bought soup (but only one can). Anyway who knew me back in ’97 or ’98 knows how much it pains me to buy soup when I’m sick. And, if you haven’t, just understand: it’s a lot.

Which brings me to item #3 (is it… 1. eggnog, 2. grocery shopping, 3… yeah – that works): I’m sick! That’s probably not entirely worthy of an exclamation point exactly. Still, I’m sick. I hate it. My best guess is I got it by sitting next to 9 for 2.5 hours during a final a few days ago. This observation has provoked a few snide remarks from unnamed parties, but we’ll let that go for now.

It just hit me that apparently when I’m sick, I write lots in my blog. That leads me to one of two things:

  1. That’s actually only a single datapoint, you’ll need more to prove your hypothesis.
  2. It’s kind of like giving a program the “-v” option.

OK. I’m heading to bed now, before I say anything else that confirms that I’m a dork.


  1. Actually, Hartzler’s is this crazy cool farm that provides milk to the hippies in Oberlin. In Glass Bottles! Hooray! Happy Hippie Milk Love!

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