warm and fuzzy god

Sinfest today is apt. We can put God anywhere we want, but it’s all pretty meaningless unless we really listen to what he has to say. I’ve got more to write, but also a stack of papers to grade, and some homework (can’t… forget… homework…).

a little bad, a whole lotta good

I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things since the election, and it’s been tough. I’m behind on the news, and having trouble catching up. I know what I want to do next, it’s just a matter of making some phonecalls, budgetting time, and getting involved. That’s not really the breaking news,… Continue reading a little bad, a whole lotta good

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Election 2004: Cleveland, OH

As I sit down to write this, The Kerry campaign is conceding victory to George Bush in the 2004 Presidential election. While I have reasonably strong feelings about this, it’s not what I’m about to talk about. Though, I will; probably at great length. Instead, I’m going to ramble about 2 November 2004 in Cleveland,… Continue reading Election 2004: Cleveland, OH