The End (well, sortof)

The semester ended yesterday. Everyone seems to be glad of that. I’d have to agree – this semester has been pure hell in some respects. I got a lot of work done, though – and hopefully next semester will be a little calmer.

We kicked off the end of the semester with a party at nein09‘s. I got really drunk, and passed out on her futon (funny, that). It was a good time – I needed to unwind (boy howdy, did I need to unwind).

Tomorrow, I need to do some cleaning and some grading and some work. I guess the semester isn’t over, really, but most of the big deadlines have passed. As E mentioned hearing that the first semester is the toughest: I hope so too. I feel mashed for want of a better word.

God, I’m rambling. I was thinking of starting a support group: “Remaining Grad Students Together.” It would involve coffee, and beer, and work, and cinnamon rolls.

It seems like there’s only time for so much, and if I had one extra day, I’d have time for it all – all the little zany ideas I have that never seem to get started, the instrument sitting in the corner, the writing wandering around my head, reading.


  1. That’s unwinding? I’m impressed…. I’d hate to see you when you really needed to party. Sheesh. And Grand Salutations from the land of beer and cheese.

  2. “Remaining Grad Students Together” cracks me up, because it reminds me of About a Boy — Single Parents Alone Together! Single Parents Alone Together!

    (p.s. On your main page is says there are 0 writebacks, but when I click on it, suddenly there’s 2!)

  3. Congrats on being done with first semester! It’ll get better, I promise. 🙂

    Also, Noam Chomsky is crazy! (Sorry, as someone studying languagey stuff at UW I’m kind of obligated to chime in…)

  4. mashed is appropriate. I like the sound of that support group, and remember what we were talking about at happy hour early in the semester–if we give it a good enough name we can get funding for it as a student society. The only thing that would make coffee, beer and cinnamon rolls better is adding the word ‘subsidised’ in front.

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