The End (well, sortof)

The semester ended yesterday. Everyone seems to be glad of that. I’d have to agree – this semester has been pure hell in some respects. I got a lot of work done, though – and hopefully next semester will be a little calmer.

We kicked off the end of the semester with a party at nein09‘s. I got really drunk, and passed out on her futon (funny, that). It was a good time – I needed to unwind (boy howdy, did I need to unwind).

Tomorrow, I need to do some cleaning and some grading and some work. I guess the semester isn’t over, really, but most of the big deadlines have passed. As E mentioned hearing that the first semester is the toughest: I hope so too. I feel mashed for want of a better word.

God, I’m rambling. I was thinking of starting a support group: “Remaining Grad Students Together.” It would involve coffee, and beer, and work, and cinnamon rolls.

It seems like there’s only time for so much, and if I had one extra day, I’d have time for it all – all the little zany ideas I have that never seem to get started, the instrument sitting in the corner, the writing wandering around my head, reading.


  1. Chilimuffin says:

    That’s unwinding? I’m impressed…. I’d hate to see you when you really needed to party. Sheesh. And Grand Salutations from the land of beer and cheese.

  2. Becky says:

    “Remaining Grad Students Together” cracks me up, because it reminds me of About a Boy — Single Parents Alone Together! Single Parents Alone Together!

    (p.s. On your main page is says there are 0 writebacks, but when I click on it, suddenly there’s 2!)

  3. Turtle says:

    Congrats on being done with first semester! It’ll get better, I promise. 🙂

    Also, Noam Chomsky is crazy! (Sorry, as someone studying languagey stuff at UW I’m kind of obligated to chime in…)

  4. eldan says:

    mashed is appropriate. I like the sound of that support group, and remember what we were talking about at happy hour early in the semester–if we give it a good enough name we can get funding for it as a student society. The only thing that would make coffee, beer and cinnamon rolls better is adding the word ‘subsidised’ in front.

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