Dave Winey

Courtesy of del.icio.us, Dave Winer whines about the open source software developed by Dean and Clark campaigns to run their online campaigns.

Winer’s key quote: “How sad to see two leading Democrats fall for, even feed the lie that they can create user-oriented software for free.” I don’t know, but I think that (for one), deanspace seems to be an example of that. Come to think of it, my own blog runs on blosxom – which I find easier to use and maintain than my last (nonfree) blogging software (by which I mean, there’s no money made directly from blosxom, while MT requires purchase of a commercial license for nonpersonal use).

Apparently, the campaigns should use american-made commercial software, because it’s good for american companies. But, why not use american-made free software? And, if Manila is so amazing, why is it worried about something free?

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  1. Becky says:

    And why does only the money matter? Winer is whining because American companies aren’t being supported — what about the intellectual support? Correct me if I’m wrong, but the more people using Acme open source, the more possible contributors in the community, and the better it becomes, right? And Dean and Clark using it must be HUGE for their advertising.

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