votes and voting

The Ohio 2005 General Election is coming up in less than two weeks. I’m trying to find time to sit down and read through the 5 issues on the ballot. On the agenda are: State Issue 1 State Issue 2 State Issue 3 State Issue 4 State Issue 5 There don’t seem to be any… Continue reading votes and voting

The Shout

I found this over at Jennifer Granick’s weblog. The gist of it is that volunteers at katrinalist, a site that is attempting to gather information on lost Hurricane Katrina victims in one place, have received cease & desist letters from the owners of the “GCN Survivor/Connector Database.” This is appalling. The C&D tries to spin… Continue reading The Shout

Katrina Timeline

Katrina Timeline. Think Progress has an excellent Katrina timeline, with citations. It’s been a strange few weeks. The beginning of fall is, seemingly, a time for tragedy. The only difference this year is that the tragedy isn’t personal in nature. I alternate between being grateful, and feeling a little guilty for it.

gun control research

Eldan recently asked about reliable gun control statistics. I haven’t had the time to read these papers thoroughly, but I thought finding some research publications on the subject would be useful: Firearm Availability and Homicide Rates across 26 High-Income Countries Abstracts from Philip J. Cook. Cook seems to be a fairly well-cited professor on the… Continue reading gun control research

Florida considers law outlawing withdrawal of food and water

Appeals Court Refuses to Order Schiavo’s Feeding Reinstated: “In Tallahassee, Governor Bush worked to gather support for a bill that could force at least a temporary restoration of Ms. Schiavo’s feeding tube. A measure passed last week by the House of Representatives would outlaw the withdrawal of food and water from people in a ‘persistent… Continue reading Florida considers law outlawing withdrawal of food and water

warm and fuzzy god

Sinfest today is apt. We can put God anywhere we want, but it’s all pretty meaningless unless we really listen to what he has to say. I’ve got more to write, but also a stack of papers to grade, and some homework (can’t… forget… homework…).

Election 2004: Cleveland, OH

As I sit down to write this, The Kerry campaign is conceding victory to George Bush in the 2004 Presidential election. While I have reasonably strong feelings about this, it’s not what I’m about to talk about. Though, I will; probably at great length. Instead, I’m going to ramble about 2 November 2004 in Cleveland,… Continue reading Election 2004: Cleveland, OH

canvassing for kerry

I went canvassing for John Kerry this weekend. It was ok, except for the fact that it was rainy, no one was home, and I met a republican (who was very nice, just… not a swing voter — which, he was supposed to be). That, and the whole thing was completely disorganized: we had an… Continue reading canvassing for kerry