Close-Up: The Mind of George W. Bush is an article in last month’s Atlantic Monthly about how the President makes decisions. It seems like a very thorough, well-researched look at the president, his background, and the skills he’s brought to the presidency. It also dovetails very nicely with Plan of Attack (Bob Woodward’s new book […]

Salon Opinion Pieces and Aggravating “Journalism”

Salon recently published an opinion piece on recent happenings in the Pentagon Office of Special Plans (OSP). The author is a newly retired USAF lieutenant colonel, who worked in the OSP from May 2002 to February 2003 Salon is making the article free to viewers, because they “thought this story was just too important.” Indeed, […]

Dave Winey

Courtesy of, Dave Winer whines about the open source software developed by Dean and Clark campaigns to run their online campaigns. Winer’s key quote: “How sad to see two leading Democrats fall for, even feed the lie that they can create user-oriented software for free.” I don’t know, but I think that (for one), […]