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In part because of a book I’ve recently started reading, I’ve started writing daily. For the most part, it’s just rambling. It doesn’t always make sense. sometimes, it’s dark; others, it’s overly light-hearted. And, sometimes, if you’re lucky, it’ll even talk about something with a hint of normality to it. I won’t be posting all […]

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I’ve made it a whole two days doing this. Yesterday? The first day. Today? The second. Tomorrow, we surmise, will be the 3rd day. I’m afraid that at some point I’ll simply run out of things to say. That “other side” I’m supposed to break out to? What if there’s nothing there. On the one […]

Plan of Attack

I semi-recently finished reading Plan of Attack by Bob Woodward. The book saw considerable news coverage by the media. Woodward seems to enjoy an odd position with both the media and presidential administrations. He has a keen, multifaceted eye. He sees a story from multiple points of view. And, while, he doesn’t seem to take […]