The political discussion of Planned Parenthood has not exactly been characterized by accuracy, with Senator Jon Kyl setting the standard last week when he said that abortion made up “over 90%” of what the organization does, a line his staff said later was “not intended” to be “factual.” via Politico. It’s hard to believe they […]

What’s clear is that the Pentagon has only just begun to figure out how to treat men who have been sexually traumatized. Until 2006, sexual assault was classified as a women’s health issue, and even today, Pentagon awareness campaigns target women almost exclusively. Kathleen Chard, the Cincinnati VA psychologist who runs PTSD programs, says that more than 11 percent of the men she works with eventually admit that they were sexually victimized. Nationwide, there are just six programs like hers, and there is a single VA facility, in Bay Pines, Fla., that specifically treats male survivors of sexual trauma. When Matthews finally sought treatment for the PTSD caused by his rape, he says he had to wait six months for a space to open up. “I went to the group and there’s all these guys from the Korean War through Desert Storm,” he recalls. “And you say, ‘Oh, my God.’ ”

The Military’s Secret Shame – Newsweek

It seems like you could maintain the intent of the law by making it easy for the feds to access abandoned e-mail accounts (where someone hasn’t logged in X amount of time).

Justice Dept. to Congress: Don’t Saddle 4th Amendment on Us | Threat Level |

¶Congress set aside $50 billion for foreclosure prevention, amid administration projections that three million to four million homeowners would benefit from modifications. So far, the Treasury Department, which oversees the program, has spent slightly more than $1 billion, and just 607,000 homeowners have received permanent loan modifications (of those, 11 percent have defaulted). Foreclosure Aid […]