no wheat for me, please

Church Says Girl’s Communion Not Valid According to the Vatican, communion wafers must have some unleavened wheat in them. Many parishes interpret this to mean that a communion is not valid unless this rule is kept. Of course when you have a little girl who can’t eat wheat because she could die, one might argue… Continue reading no wheat for me, please

prayer outsourcing

This is the silliest thing I’ve read all day. And, trust me, I’ve read a lot of silly things today. Apparently prayer cards (in which you give a small donation to the catholic church, and a prayer is said – typically for a loved one who has passed on) are being “outsourced” to India. I… Continue reading prayer outsourcing

Grrr. Boo. Hiss.

The Vatican supports denying wayward politicians communion. Me saying, “I won’t attend church anymore” doesn’t mean much (I go to church rarely, and usually only when the mood strikes me). What I will do is write two churches I’m likely to attend (one at home, and another by my parents) and inquire as to how… Continue reading Grrr. Boo. Hiss.