Walkaway (Akron)

The new Akron, built on the site of the leveled buildings, refused to be a graveyard. The people who’d flocked to it to rebuild after the army and the mercs and the guardsmen had joined returning locals to build new kinds of buildings, advanced refugee housing straight out of the UNHCR playbook, designed to use… Continue reading Walkaway (Akron)

Adventures in Academia

Yesterday, at work, I was waiting for my computer to install several software packages to install. While waiting, I was reading several papers, one of which was Intercepting and Instrumenting COM Applications, which was reasonably easy to read, and very useful (bonus!). The paper had, in my opinion, some of the funniest writing ever seen… Continue reading Adventures in Academia

Internet Grammar

there’s something especially crude about using “lol” in a conversation about loving grammar –Tom

NPR meets Teh Intarweb

NPR Guest (responding to an e-mail to the show): “Mr. Zoom Junkie had an unfortunate experience.” I can only imagine what would happen if they didn’t screen the names of e-mails read on-air.

Futurama mafia

I love Futurama: Robot: Donbot, I beg you. I can’t make this week’s loan payment. Look into your hard drive and open your mercy file! Donbot: File not found!