Assassination Vacation

I just finished Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell. I’ve been looking forward to this book ever since Stanek pointed me at The Partly Cloudy Patriot. In PCP, Vowell combined a quirky sense of humor, tourism, and history lessons to produce a funny, yet thought-provoking read. It’s the kind of book that makes you laugh at… Continue reading Assassination Vacation

reading list (reborn!)

I used to have a giant reading list that I was constantly updating. For every book that I read, I’d add between 5 and 10 (it was a very long list). Unfortunately, in the Great Harddrive Crash of ’04, I lost the list (among other things, like my photos, and possibly my mind). I thought,… Continue reading reading list (reborn!)

Plan of Attack

I semi-recently finished reading Plan of Attack by Bob Woodward. The book saw considerable news coverage by the media. Woodward seems to enjoy an odd position with both the media and presidential administrations. He has a keen, multifaceted eye. He sees a story from multiple points of view. And, while, he doesn’t seem to take… Continue reading Plan of Attack

Just Another Empire

I just finished reading Just Another Empire by Mark Driver. The book is almost exactly what the tagline (Booze. Sex. Anarchy. Assassination. Burritos.) makes it out to be. Actually, it was mostly Booze and Burritos (with brief forays into anarchy and assassination). Driver is (and has been – at least since I started reading him… Continue reading Just Another Empire

Papers on My Desk

I’ve got a stack of papers currently sitting on my desk: Renfro R. and Deckro R. A Social NetWork Analysis of the Iranian Government. 69th MORS Symposium. Wu F. et al. Information Flow in Social Groups. CNLS conference on Networks (Santa Fe, NM, May 2003). Newman, M.E.J. Fast Algorithm for detecting community structure in networks.… Continue reading Papers on My Desk