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  1. damn hackers!

    Oh, suck! That’s really too bad… I was enjoying our argument, and had something to say. Uh, well, maybe I’ll say it here because it’s still worth mentioning. One thing that occurs to me that might help explain why successful women don’t tend to have children is that successful women don’t tend to get married. They’re too picky. Women want to “marry up,” whereas men generally don’t care, I think, but wind up “marrying down” because that’s who will take them. I’d like to say I’m immune to this, but I’m not; I find intelligence and a work ethic real turn-ons. So maybe some of those childless successful women are only childless because no one was good enough.

    “Nothing is good enough for people like you”

    Well, um, anyway, I hope you get both sites up and running ASAP. Who the hell would hack a personal website?? What on earth is there to gain?

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