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We bombed Canadians.

Recall Magician: Apprentice, “Among man’s strange undertakings, war stood clearly forth as the strangest.”

I’m all about posting random little tidbits all of a sudden. Like, I went to high school with a girl who was a grip for a movie called Rose’s. I just think it’s cool that I know someone in the IMDb.

I’m trying to compile Gnome on Cygwin. It’s not easy. There’s a network mapping tool called Nomad, but it requires the Gnome libraries to work, and that’s the main thing I’m having trouble installing. Yay.

I grabbed a cup of coffee yesterday with Melinda. That was fun. Yay good company. And I got to talk to Christen and Dave! And Kiran! I spent a lot of time on the phone.

LJ‘s pretty cool, but I kinda want my own site back. I’m uber-interested in doing a nice clean php system with a db backend. That, and I’ve started doing a little research into importing PHP-Nuke data into a slashcode db.



  1. i saw that article on bombing the canadians
    to me it sounded like the pilot saw these guys shooting guns and asked if he could bomb them because he thought they were threatening (ya know, guys w/ guns are scary looking)
    he was told no
    then he thought they were shooting at him so he fired back anyways
    something went very wrong

    1. No confirmation

      As far as I’ve read, no one’s mentioned whether or not the pilot got permission. What has been mentioned is that he wasn’t Air Force regular. National Guard, which may explain part of it.

      The K5 article is rife with flames between canadians and americans.

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