So, Jim is evil. EVIL I say. He got me hooked on emulators. Like, I’m all rolling with the Sega Genesis, and the Nintendo Entertainment System. I’m getting my Megaman & Megaman 2 on! I’m ripping shit up in Castlevania. I administered brutal beatdowns in Streets of Rage and Spiderman (before dying – man, it’s been a while. I’m rusty). Even better, I went and downloaded Shining Force and showed the Runefaust baddies what a real armchair general can do.

Right. Anyway. Emulators: Good. car: good. Life: not bad. It’s looking less likely that I’ll be able to go see Concrete Blonde play, as I won’t even be able to pick up the moving van ’til 3, which doesn’t leave me much time to move my furniture even assuming I get everything else moved.


  1. tulzscha says:


    haha. you’ve gotta get a Neo Geo emulator and hook up with the Metal Slug games =] i had a lot of fun with them, and the sense of humor is just right… too bad mame.dk got lawyers on their asses… =[

    1. Vinay says:

      Re: man…

      I’ll have to pick one up!

      Then I could get my Samurai Shodown on. I loVe that game (yes, with a capital ‘V’).

      Know if any of the emulators have support for gamepads? that would make a lot of the games easier.

      1. tulzscha says:

        Re: man…

        hmmm, i haven’t seen any with gamepad support, but then again, not having a pad, i never really looked. I like NeoRAGEx, but it’s older and doesn’t support some of the new games.

        of course. i mean, it obviously stands for the V-style love.

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