1. Hrmph, I just had a lengthy comment and I deleted it by mistake *grumble*. I’ll sum up.

    First off – jesus. *hug*.

    Second – I’ve been wondering for quite some time why people yell encouragement at the suicidal on buildings and whatnot – it’s always seemed so macabre and weird. I must admit a certain fondness for this guy‘s explanation. The tension of an incipient badthing can be horrible to bear, and you just wish it would resolve itself so you can get back to the groundstate and start getting over it. “Slide.”

    On a side note, people post a lot of “me too”s on that board, it seems, just to make themselves heard. A “me too” isn’t pointless in a community where people actually know each other, and value opinions because of knowledge of the mind whence they come – but kuro5hin seems bigger to me than that. Maybe I’m wrong.

    Finally, to add an acrimonious footnote to an already acrimonious discussion, I hate the kind of people who respond to another person’s sorrow by saying, “Well, I’ve got problems too and you don’t see me bitching and moaning.” First off, that’s whining in itself; and second, it is incredibly classless to play the game of “Whose Life Is Worse.” Bleh.

  2. *shiver*
    that kind of… lack of compassion is scary to me
    i wonder if the people shouting for her to jump didnt realize the seriousness of the situation or if they were trying to lighten things up and break the seriousness or what

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