I’ve been listening to “The Confrontation” from Les Misérables.

Listen to me! There is something I must do.
This woman leaves behind a suffering child.
There is none but me who can intercede,
In Mercy’s name, three days are all I need.
Then I’ll return, I pledge my word.
Then I’ll return…

Men like me can never change
Men like you can never change
No, 24601,
My duty’s to the law

Of all the songs, that’s one of my favorites (there are others, to be sure – this one just sticks in my mind a lot). It’s mostly the confrontation (fancy that) between their two wills. Like… they’re both right – Javert can do only what is doing, and it’s what leads to his death. “Men like me can never change.”

I wonder if the law is required to think that men can’t change? If it’s something that’s necessary for it to function? “You have no rights. Come with me 24601.

Why am I listening to this at 3:45 AM? I have no idea.

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