I can’t Update

If my (few) readers hadn’t noticed, I haven’t updated in a while.

The biggest thing to happen recently were the phd qualifying exams that Eldan mentioned. They were grueling. They were tough.

And now, I’m totally burned out. That’s not good, because I have stuff to do. Alas, all I want to do is sleep. One would think that a week of this would be enough to recover. It’s not, somehow. Maybe it’s that, combined with a semester that I can’t say I enjoyed at all.

Or, it’s both of those things plus what Will termed a quarterlife crisis (it’s a book? who knew?). I guess I’ll be 25 soon. I keep thinking, “my 10 year reunion is just around the corner (3 years. I’m a spaz. shutup). I haven’t done anything.” Or, I haven’t done anything that seems like “my life’s work.” What is my life’s work? I have no idea. Ideally, something that I’d do for the rest of my life because it seems… just that cool.

Or not.


  1. I feel that way too sometimes, if it helps. I think it’s common (hence the book…). Most people kind of bumble along until they find something that fits, I think.

    Imagine that, at 25, you’d already gotten to where you want to be. What then? People who make it to the top of some field early on spend the rest of their lives struggling with that question, I think. (Ever see Magnolia?)

  2. Hey, my 10 year is in 2 years, and Froggy’s is next year, so stop you’re whining 😉

    I’m not horribly fond of where I am right now, and don’t forsee that changing in the next 2 years.

  3. How many people are where they want to be at age 25? So what if you’re in grad school now — you won’t be in grad school forever, and it’ll make it easier for you to do whatever down the road. And don’t worry too much about the 10 year reunion — I probably wouldn’t go to anything before the 20 year reunion. (Although, if my parents do move to the Pittsburgh area, then the reunion committee won’t be able to find me. Hooray!)

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