if i don’t laugh i’ll cry

I can’t sleep again. I’ve also, again, been following the news with an almost hawk-like intensity. It varies by week — some, I’ll stay far away. Others, I’ll be glued to it like a junky. Except, I think, that election news may be worse for your health.

I don’t like where this country is headed, and, while I’m not leaving, I’m getting tired. Not, since you asked, tired enough to actually go to sleep.

It seems like all the questions we really need answers to don’t have answers. The more we argue about them, the more we realize that we’re simply different.

Right. I’d laugh, but things to laugh about are escaping me right at this moment.

I realized, on Thursday, that I don’t think I can watch ER, anymore. I should note that I don’t actually watch the show anymore. Instead, what I’m trying to say is that I don’t think I can even watch the old episodes (some of which I recall being quite good) without being uncomfortable. I discovered this on Wednesday while watching the West Wing. In this season’s premiere, Donna is in a hospital bed in Germany after a carbomb attack. She’s beat-up, she’s tired, she’s nauseous, and she’s trying to comfort the people around her.

I had a last sentence for that paragraph, but nothing seemed appropriate. Instead, I’ll leave this entry with this wholly unsatisfying two sentences. Well, three, really.


  1. I’ve mentioned before how I’d consider leaving the country if Mr. Bush gets re-elected, but I really couldn’t bring myself to do it. No matter how bad it gets (well, to a point, but I don’t think we’d reach that point any time soon) we need to have MORE smart people here to combat all the stupidness. I think it’s a fight we can win.

  2. Oh, I know what you mean. Sigh. Even if Kerry wins, though, there’s going to be these stupid anti-gay marriage amendments that pass, and school levies failing all over Ohio — things are just bad all over.

  3. I agree about election news being bad for your health. I’m going to be aflutter with nerves for the next two weeks, too. I wish I had some confidence that things would actually be decided by Nov. 3, but given all the potential election irregularities, I don’t. 🙁

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