this comic made my day

I’m sure I’ve got friends who’s job I know nothing about, so, if you’re interested, let me know what you do (for instance, a large number of you are getting PhDs: what the hell is your thesis about?)


  1. eldan says:

    Well I would like to give you a better answer than this, but I’m not sure myself right now. Roughly it’s going to be something about how genetic regulatory networks are organised so as to be simultaneously robust and sensitive to environmental noise, but give me a few weeks and I’ll be able to say something meaningful.

  2. nein09 says:

    Hahaha, that’s an awesome comic!

    I’m testing Business Search for Office (translation: i’m on your intrawebz, findin yr shit). I test things that have to do with search relevance (“did we give back the right results?”), and the way that the user percieves relevance (“is this thing we do useful?”)

  3. chilimuffin says:

    I suspect you know what I do, but just in case, I’m still in medical school, and you can be safe in assuming that until 2010.

  4. rms10 says:

    I’m looking at scaling relations between bulk properties (mass, temperature, luminosity, etc.) for galaxy clusters. It’s really hard to measure the mass of a cluster, so you need some sort of observable mass proxy. You need to really understand the mass-observable relation, and its scatter, to know how a cluster survey is sampling the mass distribution of clusters, and it’s that mass distribution of clusters that tells you about cosmology. I did this for mass and luminosity, and I have the first quantitative measure of the scatter.

    I’m also looking at how selection criteria in cluster surveys bias the survey towards certain sub-populations of clusters (merging clusters, for instance).

    (Oh dear, reading that I’m not sure it makes any sense.)

  5. cynic51 says:


    You actually posted!

  6. sherris17 says:

    Speaking of keeping up with people, what is with your not announcing your big news?!

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