R.I.P. Duncan 3/7/1979 – 6/8/2007

Duncan, that you were taken from us so soon is both a travesty & lesson for everyone that knew you.

You embodied so many easily admired characteristics: You were endlessly inquisitive and enduringly dedicated to those things you were interested in.

The travesty is that we will never know what you could’ve accomplished had you lived to ripe old age. Our lives are darkened by the drinks never tried, the conversations never had, the schemes never considered. The world is a gloomier place without your smile, your music, & the ideas we’ll never know.

It is hard to find a lesson in all of this, but there is one: For myself, I have always admired the joie de vivre that you have displayed for as long as I have known you. If your friends & family can take anything from this, it is that we should squeeze every last drop from our lives: we should be endlessly inquisitive & love unconditionally.

Rest in Peace Duncan; you are well-loved & dearly missed.

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  1. I’m not sure it can be said much better than that.

    I came to the same conclusion driving to work today, it’s life’s harshest reminder of our own mortality and transience.

    I felt a sudden determination to put more effort into both my work and play, my friends, and myself, in an effort to get more out of life, and accomplish more. And yet, even as I came to the conclusion, I feared that that feeling would also prove too fleeting, that its effect would fade until some day, another loss brings that harsh reality bearing down on me again.

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