I can’t take any more options. I’ve already spent weeks comparing sets of features I’m pretty sure I’ll never need. I tried out at least fifteen applications on my desktop, phone and on the web. I was completely overwhelmed by choices. The process began to take over my life. I spent hours in front of my laptop, I’d demo various features for my wife and kids, and my quest quickly became the only topic I could focus on when interacting with friends.

Tweetage Wasteland : Buried Under an Avalanche of Options

Lately, I’ve come to realize that I hate doing research like this. I can’t (for instance) read lifehacker, or tips on the perfect naming scheme for text files.

The closest I come to research is asking someone who knows {travels,listens,cooks} what they like, then I go with that.

If I start researching, I don’t stop until I have a 100% solution (which I never find). If I buy something that gets my 90% of the way there, I really don’t mind compensating for that 10%.

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