Serial Justice

Like the rest of the Internet, I’ve been thoroughly engrossed by Serial. Since the podcast has ended, a whole bunch of activity has happened that has launched a whole new round of speculation.

It’s been fascinating to hear about the different viewpoints and stories from a single murder trial. It’s also, the more I read about it, like a real life episode of Law & Order. Is this a good thing? Part of me thinks that it is:getting people interested in the criminal justice process is a good thing. If someone’s guilt is confirmed or reversed in the process then that’s an added bonus. Another part of me thinks that this is all really just rubbernecking. Surely there must be a less callous way of serving justice?

In the meantime, I’ll continue scarfing down all the Serial tidbits I can find. Hopefully the 3rd part of Jay’s interview with The Intercept posts tomorrow.

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